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05 Mar 2020
3nd Notice on 2019 China-Japan Advanced Medical and New Drug R&D Summit Forum & Achievements Transformation Conference

Ⅰ.Conference Introduction

The "2019 China-Japan Advanced Medical and New Drug R&D Summit Forum & Achievements Transformation Conference" will be held in Chengdu on November 10, 2019 (check-in on the 9th). The conference was co-organized by the Translational Research Center for Medical Innovation (TRI) from Kobe, Japan and Sichuan International Medical Exchange & Promotion Association, and it received the guidance and strong support of various departments from Sichuan and Chengdu. In addition to the summit forum, the conference will also launch more than 1,000 achievements and products representing the most advanced medical technology and new drug development from China and Japan for transformation and investment, including 400 items of regenerative medical products, various immunotherapy and gene therapy, such as stem cell treatment and biomaterials provided by Japan that is undergoing or has completed clinical trials, as well as other new drug products. The conference will provide a platform for the display, exchange and investment of achievements for doctors, scientists, entrepreneurs and investors from China and Japan.

The theme of this conference is “Dialogue with top experts, pooling of leading achievements, sharing of investment opportunities and promoting industrial development”. It has invited more than 1,000 people, including leaders from Chinese and Japanese government officials, experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, as well as representatives from well-known colleges, research institutions, investment organizations and related businesses. Among them, guests from the Chinese side include leaders from National Health Commission, National Medical Products Administration, Sichuan Province, and Chengdu, as well as well-known experts, such as academicians, entrepreneurs and investors. The guests from Japan include officials from Japan Drug Administration and a Nobel Prize winner, dozens of top experts in biomedical research and development in Japan, and dozens of large Japanese pharmaceutical companies. Nearly 200 large-scale investment institutions and pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad will attend the conference. We sincerely invite representatives from various areas engaged in medical and related fields at home and abroad to attend this event.

Ⅱ. Conference Basic Information

Conference Theme:

Dialogue with top experts, pooling of leading achievements, sharing of investment opportunities and promoting industrial development.

Conference Time:

November 10, 2019 (check-in on the 9th)

Conference Venue:

Shangri-La Hotel Chengdu


Japan Kobe Translational Research Center for Medical Innovation (TRI) ,

Sichuan International Medical Exchange & Promotion Association (SCIMEA)

Directed by:

Health Commission of Sichuan Province

Medical Products Administration of Sichuan Province

Sichuan Association for Science and Technology


West China Hospital, Sichuan University

Research Institute of Industrial Technology, Sichuan University

State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy, West China Hospital, Sichuan University

Frontier Science Center for Disease Molecular Network, Sichuan University

Chengdu Frontier Medical Center

Sichuan Western Medical Technology Transfer Center

China Medicinal Biotechnology Association

Chengdu High-tech Zone Biology Specialists Association

National Business Daily


Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Economic and Information Technology

Management Committee of Chengdu High-tech Zone

People's Government of Wenjiang District

People's Government of Wuhou District

People's Government of Pengzhou

Management Committee of Chengdu Tianfu New Area

Chengdu Industry Investment Co., Ltd.

Japan Kobe Translational Research Center for Medical Innovation (TRI)

Japan Kobe Translational Research Center for Medical Innovation (TRI), a semi-official agency under the direct supervision of the Japan Food and Drug Administration, is administered by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and Kobe City. Professor Tasuku Honjo(from Kyoto University) , the current chairman, is the inventor of PD-1 and the 2018 Nobel Prize winner, and Professor Fukushima, formerly in Kyoto University, is currently in the position of director of the center. The center manages over 1,000 projects such as regenerative medicine products including stem cell therapy and biomaterials, immunotherapy, gene therapy, and clinical trials of new drugs in Japan, of which more than 400 have entered clinical trials. In recent years, TRI has actively promoted mutually beneficial cooperation and achievements transformation with local governments, universities, research institutions, pharmaceutical companies and investment institutions in China to help with the industrial upgrading of Chinese enterprises.

Sichuan International Medical Exchange & Promotion Association (SCIMEA)

Sichuan International Medical Exchange & Promotion Association (SCIMEA) is a first-class association headed by Sichuan Association for Science and Technology, and is chaired by Wei Yuquan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of the State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy, West China Hospital, Sichuan University, with its members covering almost all tertiary medical institutions and regional medical centers in various cities and prefectures in Sichuan Province, such as West China Hospital, Sichuan University, West China Second University Hospital, Sichuan University, West China Hospital of Stomatology, State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy, Sichuan University, Chengdu University of TCM, and other well-known medical and academic institutions at home and abroad, as well as biological and pharmaceutical research institutions of various universities. Its members possess strong R&D and transformation capabilities in biomedical achievements, with hundreds of projects invested and transformed every year.

Ⅲ. Chairman of the Conference

Tasuku Honjo, chairman of TRI and 2018 Nobel laureate

Born in 1942 in Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan, and graduating from Kyoto University, Tasuku Honjo is an immunologist, winner of the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, a foreign member of the National Academy of Sciences of the U.S., and a member of the Japanese Academy of Sciences. He is currently a special professor of the Institute of Advanced Studies, Kyoto University, the corporate director of Shizuoka Public University, and a culture contributor.

Masanori Fukushima, director of TRI

Masanori Fukushima, current director of the Japan Kobe Translational Research Center for Medical Innovation (TRI). He has been an oncologist at the Aichi Cancer Center and Kyoto University Hospital for the last 25 years. Dr. Fukushima has profound experience in his professional field, and is also engaged in practicing and spreading the therapy for standard cancer and participated in the reform of the Japanese medical system, and so far, all along, has been contributing to the establishment of the clinical treatment and clinical science knowledge base for Japan.

Wei Yuquan, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and oncologist of oncology therapy and oncology immunology

Wei Yuquan is an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, director of Clinical Oncology Center West China Hospital, Sichuan University, director of State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy, chairman of China Medicinal Biotechnology Association, former vice president of Sichuan University and former vice chairman of Chinese Medical Association, co-editor in chief of Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy, associate editor of Human Gene Therapy, associate editor of Current Molecular Medicine, and editorial board member of several SCI magazines. He is mainly engaged in basic research, key technology development, product development and clinical treatment of biotherapy, with over 300 SCI papers published in various international magazines. He has applied for 60-plus patents, developed a number of innovative drugs and transferred them to enterprises, which are under joint development.

Ⅳ. Achievements Exhibition

The conference will make free exhibition boards for each registered participant for achievement display and communication, and poster them on the conference website. You are welcome to provide projects and achievements that need to be displayed and communicated.

Please subscribe to the WeChat public account of "China-Japan Advanced Medical Achievement Transformation Platform" for more achievements details.

(Scan the QR code above for more information of achievements)

Ⅴ.Conference Agenda (draft)

Ⅵ. Participating Intuitions and Enterprises

Ⅶ. Cooperation Parks

Ⅷ.  Attendance Notice

Registeration and Check-in

Time: November 11th, 2019

Place: Shangri-La Hotel, Chengdu

Check-in Process

A-head-of –time registered

On-site checking-in

On-site registration

 On-site self-registration

On-site payment, checking-in

Obtaining conference materials

Permission Card

Material package

Meal coupons

Hotel checking-in

Delegates Identification

The permission card is the identification of the delegates. Due to the security set throughout the conference, please wear the permission card when attending the conference and any related sessions.

Red Card: VIP Guests

Green Card: Delegates

Blue Card: Working Staff

Yellow Card: Media


Please have breakfasts at the hotel, and have lunches and suppers according to stipulated time and place showed on meal coupons. Please notice the expiration of the coupons.


The hotel will be arranged by the host for all the successfully registered participants and guests.

Audition Room

Hejiang Hall on the first floor of Shangri-La Hotel.

Opening hours: November 9th, 12:00-22:00

Conference Exhibition

Exhibition venue:

Exhibition time: November 10th, 9: 00-18: 00

It is forbidden to distribute or display any academic or product publicity materials inside or outside the venue or in the hotel where the guests stay.


During the conference, please wear permission card to enter and exit.

During the conference, it is strictly forbidden to record the materials from conference such as lecture slides, video presentations or pictures displayed by means of video, photo, recording, or copying.

Please put drinks and lunch boxes into the trash can for a clean and tidy conference.

During the conference, please mute or vibrate your mobile phone.

Please take care of your property and personal safety.

Ⅸ. Contacts:

Conference Website

Please scan the QR code below or click at the end of the article to for the original content of the conference, more conference information or live feature. (PC)

For more information about the conference and achievements, please subscribe to "China-Japan Advanced Medical Care Achievements Transformation Platform"

Contacts of Organizing Committee:

【Co-ordination】Wu Zhenhao: 18828050676

Lu yue: 13439893959

【Venue Arrangement】Cheng Lei: 13980465330

Deng Yuanzhang: 18428317948

【Scheduling】He Bingxia: 18200234049

【Transportation & Accommodation】Liu Yuhang: 13540774606

    Liu Mei: 13541315807

 Yuan Sha: 18328025785

【On-site Registration】Wang Ping: 18081018794

【Business Cooperation】Liu Dezhi: 18583625773

【Media Liaison】Li Tingran: 15201256022

Address of the Organizing Committee:

507-1, Building 10, No. 399 Tianfu New Valley, West Section of Fucheng Avenue, High-tech Zone

Ⅹ. Transportation Guide


Bus stops near Shangri-La Hotel:

Jiuyan Bridge West, Hejiang Pavilion, Intersection of Zhimin Road and Sizhu Road, Laoma Road, Jiuyan Bridge North, Zhimin Road, Liquan Street, Jiuyan Bridge South, Niuwangmiao Bus Stop, Hongwa Temple, Qinglian Street, Zhimin Road East, Shuilianhe, Daci Temple, Dongmen Bridge, Wangjiang Road, Jiuyan Bridge East, Niuwangmiao Crossing, Intersection of Hongji Middle Road and Jindong Road, Sichuan University, Taiping Nanxin Street East.

2.  Bus lines near Shangri-La Hotel

Jiuyan Bridge West: Bus No. 56a, 56, 68, 82, 112, 343

Intersection of Zhimin Road and Sizhu Road: Bus No. 256, 1022, 193, 1130.

Jiuyan Bridge North: Bus No. 3, 27, 34, 72, 74, 92.

4. Chengdu Shuangliu Airport-Shangri-La Hotel

(Start) Shuangliu Airport Terminal 2 Station (C Exit) Subway Line 10--Taipingyuan Station Subway Line 3--Chunxi Road Station Subway Line 2--Dongmen Bridge Station (Exit B)-- 848 meters’ walk to Shangri-La Hotel (Destination).

In total 13 stops, 6 yuan, 1.2 km’s walk, about 55 minutes.

(Start) Shuangliu Airport Terminal 2 Station (Exit C) Subway Line 10--Taipingyuan Station Subway Line 3-Get off at Chunxi Road Station (E1 Exit)--Transfer to Bus 68 (South of Hongxing Road Plaza Station-Jiuyan Bridge West)-- 378 meters’ walk to Shangri-La Hotel (Destination).

16 stops, 8 yuan, 883 meters’ walk, about 1 hour and 1 minute.

5.  Estimated taxi fee from Shuangliu Airport to Shangri-La Hotel

Shuangliu Airport Terminal 2 - Shangri-La Hotel: about 70 yuan.

Ⅺ. Cooperation Media

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