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15 May 2020
Widen Horizons and Innovate Thoughts | Knowledge Sharing of Gao Dalun, President of Sichuan Provincial Cultural Relics and Archaeology Research Institute

On May 13, 2020, the Secretariat of the Sichuan International Medical Exchange & Promotion Association (SCIMEA) invited Gao Dalun, president of the Sichuan Provincial Cultural Relics and Archaeology Research Institute, to hold an internal training on museum knowledge, aiming to broaden the horizon and innovate the thoughts of members of SCIMEA.

President Gao started his lecture with the theme of "Walk into the Museum", and gave a comprehensive explanation from five aspects: the definition of the museum, the history of the museum, the types of the museum, the display of the museum, and the guided tour of museums in the world.

Dean Gao gave a detailed analysis of the "definition of museums and changes in its functional emphasis with the times", "the history and characteristics of Chinese museums", "world-renowned museums", etc., and elaborated the history of museums in Western countries and how such museum culture provides reference and inspiration for the rapid development of museums in China. President Gao repeatedly emphasized that "entertainment in education means that museums should strengthen their entertainment elements", and it is necessary to build an entertainment gathering sites where the public can widely and voluntarily participate in its activities. When the visitors come in, education and culture will be spread accordingly.

Afterwards, President Gao shared the "world famous medical museums" especially for the members of the SCIMEA. In his humorous introduction, he always remembered to emphasize the core element of the "collection" of medical specimens. His outstanding opinions based on his abundance of knowledge inspired the audience with the spirit of love, dedication, devotion, and diligence to professions. President Gao said that there is currently no medical museums of high quality in China. In West China Hospital and other well-known hospitals, there are abundance of cases, considerable specimens, a large number of collections of high value with great significance and influence on popular science education. A medical museum can not only serve as a popular science education base, but also be a city’s famous landmark with high impact on public welfare and brand promotion. With plain and vivid language, President Gao presented the museum like an elderly gentleman dressed in noble clothing in medieval times, but at the same time he was able to use the latest and most popular expressions. In the end, President Gao had an interact with members of SCIMEA regarding daily collection, field archaeology, cultural relics protection, digital cultural innovation, etc. President Gao was highly esteemed by members from SCIMEA with his abundant knowledge, wide horizon, and quick thoughts.

After the training, Secretary-General Zhang Mengfan of SCIMEA made a brief summary: "President Gao brought a spirit, a model and a dream to participants from SCIMEA." Material abundance should be used for our pursuit of spiritual abundance, and wide horizon and profoundness in life. We should love our own career, keep thinking ahead, become professionals in our career, work tirelessly for this goal, and set an example. Medical museums and other types of display of medical humanities involve innovations of everlasting changes. Despite these changes, we need to carry out some down-to-earth tasks such as the collection of different specimens and cases, so that we build a warm home with a strong sense of responsibility where we can collect more beautiful medical cares and warm concerns.





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